Post Production Professionals


1981 Imaj was established in Istanbul as a production company and started offering post production services in 1986.

1995 Imaj moved to its 2400 sqm building designed and constructed as a post production facility.

2002 In May, Imaj added a new facility of 6000 sqm and turned it into its corporate headquarter.

2005 Another post production studio of 750 sqm had been opened to give service exclusively to Tv and film productions.

2008 Imaj added film stages of 2000 sqm. The Studios’ facilities are used for major national film production, filmed television, studio television recording, the filming of commercials.

2010 Due to the additional need in post production area Imaj Offline building has been opened. It consists of 5 studios.

Imaj currently with its 154 full time, 325 contracted emplyoees has always committed itself to following the latest advancements in technology to help improve the quality and efficiency of its services.

Imaj was one of Europes first adapters of High Definition. By offering first class technology and talent, Imaj attracts not only local, but international clients as well.
Split over five buildings in Istanbul, a total of 11.500 square meters provide the following services in luxurious and spacious suites.